Study Visit in Slovakia

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April 23-28, 2023, in order to share the experience of promoting the employment of people with disabilities, a study visit to Slovakia was planned for the representatives of 7 municipalities.

The first day started with interesting meetings. The participants got information about various methods of employment of people with disabilities and Slovakian legislation, visited the social enterprise "Radnichka", the rehabilitation center, and one of McDonald's branches, which is a good example of the employment of people with disabilities in the labor market. Viera Zahortsova, an experienced expert of TENENET was leading the meeting. On the second day, representatives of local governments and non-governmental organizations visited the partner organization TENENET, where they had the opportunity to get information about the history of the creation of TENENET and its activities. Tenenet is one of the biggest non-governmental organizations in Slovakia, whose field of activity is diverse. The second half of the day was very interesting. The participants had the opportunity to visit the ancient historical and cultural heritage monuments of Bratislava municipality. During the study visit the participants went to the Banka Bistrica region, where they met with representatives of the regional self-government, and listened to presentations on the issues of the ecosystem of Slovakia. And the second half of the day they spent in a social enterprise. Both meetings were full of questions, Slovak partners answered and shared examples of successful projects.


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