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Society Biliki was founded in 1997 during the economic and political crisis in Georgia. The organization aimed to help and return to a healthy life the children of poor, displaced families and those children who, have to spend a large part of their time on the street, outside the family and educational institutions due to their living conditions.

In quite difficult years for Georgia, in addition to the help of other international organizations, the local non-governmental, civil sector started to develop at the same time.

Society Biliki had the same case. The initiative to create the organization came after the closing of the French public assistance project. Before that, in 1995-1996, within the framework of the project, the founders of Society Biliki had to meet the children and their parents who were walking and trading in the streets of Gori. The idea came not to stop and to continue supporting children and their families at risk.

„We knew that the way from the street to society would be quite narrow and difficult, but at the same time, it would be a way of hope that goes to children's hearts. That is why our organization was named Biliki with the idea - Let's look for ways to the children's hearts".

Establishing a relationship with them and gaining trust was quite difficult in real life. Our first desire was to provide these children with food, clothing, and basic literacy, but this was not enough. The environment in which they live (street, house) had an undesirable influence on their psyche. Therefore, various services are formed and developed in the organization, where educational, professional, social, psychological, and medical assistance is provided to the children. At the same time, Society Biliki covered all the spheres the child has to come in contact with: family, society, and school.

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