Access Students in Boston

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From July 25 to August 8, 2022, the students of Society Biliki’s project English Access Micro Scholarship Program (Access): Luka Mosiashvili, Lizi Berianidze, Davit Robanishvili, and Rati Begijanashvili were at Boston University within the framework of the exchange program CELOP Fundamentals of Leadership.

Access students share their emotions about their visit to the United States of America. Luka Mosiashvili: It was a great experience for me, I personally got to know the American culture, population, lifestyle, and interests. We had the opportunity to study leadership at Boston University. We visited the sights: Boston Public Library, John F. Kennedy Museum, Harvard University, and MIT. This program gave us the opportunity to see in practice with our own eyes what we had studied in theory about American culture for two years. I would like to thank US Embassy, PH International, and Society Biliki for this opportunity.

‍Lizi Berianidze: The exchange program gave me a great experience. There were conducted training and activities related to leadership. These activities strengthened both our leadership skills and also our English language. In addition to getting to know the American culture, we experienced what it means to be a student in the United States, lived in a Residence Hall, visited many sights, attended lectures, tried various dishes, and most importantly, made many friends.

English Access Micro Scholarship Program is implemented by US Embassy and PH International. The partner organization in Shida Kartli Region is Society Biliki.


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