The Memorandum of Mutual Cooperation

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On July 8, 2022, the memorandum of mutual cooperation was signed by the mayor of Gori Municipality Vladimir Khinchegashvili, the Head of Association Marine Mgebrishvili, the executive director of the Education Development and Employment Center Natia Namichheishvili and the chairman of the Youth Council - Giorgi Talakhadze.

The purpose of the memorandum is to promote the development of the Youth Council of Gori Municipality, to increase cooperation with local and international organizations on youth issues, to develop and implement an effective mechanism for communication with local youth.

The event was implemented within the framework of the Project “Civil Society STAR Initiative: CSOs as Sustainable, Transparent, Accountable and Resilient Development Actors in Georgia“(2021-2025). The project is funded by the European Union (EU) and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS). The works of Shida Kartli Regional Hub are run by Society Biliki.


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