Presentation of the survey results

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On July 4, 2022, a presentation of the survey results of the project "We choose, we build" was held within the Regional Youth Forum.

The project is implemented by the joint initiative of students of mixed schools from Kaspi Municipality and students of Kaspi Vocational College. The meeting was held in Kaspi municipality, in the Technopark building.

The participants of the project informed the guests about the purpose of the project idea and activities. The goal of the project is that the students to get knowledge about civil rights and responsibilities to develop an election culture.

After that, the participants presented the results of the online survey to the invited guests. 10 questions were prepared for the survey questionnaire by the participants and their teacher. 14-17 students aged were interviewed, a total number was 72.

During the survey, the following questions related to the election process were asked: What is the Election Administration of Georgia? What is marking? How and where should the election culture of minors be formed? What is the right to vote? Is participation in elections a responsibility towards the state and so on.

The analysis of the survey showed that the majority of respondents did not know what marking is, what are the electoral procedures and who has the right to participate in the elections; These are the problems that youth will try to solve during the implementation of the project.

In the future, with the purpose to develop the electoral culture of students, online meetings will be held on the topics: civil rights and responsibilities, the right and responsibility to participate in elections. Civic education teacher Nino Niparishvili will lead the meetings.

The invited guests appreciated the project and promised future support for the participants.

Project “Civil Society STAR Initiative: CSOs as Sustainable, Transparent, Accountable and Resilient Development Actors in Georgia“(2021-2025). The project is funded by the European Union (EU) and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS). The works of Shida Kartli Regional Hub are run by Society Biliki.


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